Love Bombs Kindness Cards is our newest product.  I created it as a result of my own experiences with giving and receiving compliments.  I have received some very impactful compliments over the years, some of them I will never forget, and they helped to make me a better person as they became how I came to see myself.

At times, I have also struggled with feelings of shyness or awkwardness when wanting to give sincere and meaningful compliments.  I would think really great compliments in my head, and never say them, or I would tell someone other than the person themselves!  The times when I did work up the courage to just say it, I was really glad that I did, as I could tell it meant a lot to the recipient.  

So the Love Bombs Kindness Cards aims to make more of these priceless moments happen in a couple ways.  
#1:  Prompt ideas of sincere compliments that can be given, and who is deserving of them.  And, 
#2:  Make it easier to take action and actually tell the person how you feel.  You can hand the Love Bomb to the person directly, OR, if you're feeling a bit shy, you can leave it on their desk, mirror, car dashboard etc.  You can leave it anonymously or take credit for the words later, it's up to you.

Giving Love Bombs can also be a great family or class activity.  A fantastic way to teach kindness and expressing emotions to children and adults alike.

So get yours today, and I hope you create many priceless memories.  None of us know how many days we have, so make each one count.  All the best,
-Dan O'Donnell, creator of Love Bombs and Better Me

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