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Better Me - The Game of Growth and Friendship
54.95 84.95
  • FUN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - Group Discussions, Exercises, and Accountability
  • MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION & CONNECTION - Interesting Discussion Topics & Learning
  • REAL WORLD ACTION: Earn Points for Real World Commitments!
  • PEER SUPPORT/ACCOUNTABILITY - Encourage Fellow Players & Hold Each Other Accountable
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - Team Building and Ice Breaker for Family, Teams, Couples
  • GROUP ACTIVITY - Family, School, Coworkers, Date Night, Therapy & Counseling etc
  • Designed for 2-8 players

Better Me is a cooperative new approach to relationships and personal development. Using the principles of positive psychology, the game challenges players to take real world action to improve themselves and their life. It also strengthens relationships by helping people connect in a meaningful way. 

The game creates amazing conversation, allowing players to quickly learn about themselves and their fellow players. And all in an encouraging and fun atmosphere, with no pressure or judgment. When has a game asked you to share a past accomplishment that you’re proud of, or a challenge that taught you a valuable lesson? When has a game challenged you to write a thank you letter to a loved one, or give a flower to a stranger? 


Thought-provoking questions prompt players to reflect within themselves and share their values and life philosophy.  This self-reflection is valuable for the player who is sharing, and an interesting chance for the other players to understand what is important to them.

Better Me also harnesses the power of accountability. Any player committing to an action gets an accountability partner to help them follow through. Both players write down the action, and the target completion date on their game sheet. These accountability partnerships are key to ensuring that players take action and grow. It's a game-ified mastermind/support group!  A perfect game for encouraging teamwork and leadership development.

Hosting a Better Me game is a great way to meet people and learn about your friends, family or coworkers in a meaningful way.  Players learn important things about each other, even if they have known each other for decades.  Better Me creates priceless memories of bonding and deep understanding.

Who Will You Play With? Family, Friends, Coworkers,  SchoolClassmates, Teammates, Social Club, Mastermind Group, Counseling Clients, Therapy Groups, Leadership Programs, Mentoring Groups...

Where Will You Play? School, Coffee Shop , Family Gathering, Convention, Dinner Party, Campground, Plane, Church, Pub...

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Love Bombs - Kindness Cards
21.95 27.95

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  • 111 Beautiful Gold-Embossed Love Bombs Kindness Cards to Express Sincere Emotions and Create Lasting Feelings & Memories.

  • Easily create lasting memories through genuine compliments and messages of sincere love & gratitude.

  • Deliver secretly or in person, each one rewarding in its own way.

  • Express your true feelings now, tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.

  • Perfect therapy or counseling tool for empathy & healing.

  • Great family or classroom activity, teach kindness and sincere expression of gratitude to your kids.

Remember when a sincere compliment or heartfelt words made a lasting impact on your life? We so often miss the chance to give the same gift to others, because of insecurity, or because we simply just do not realize what a priceless memory our words can easily create.

Love Bombs - Kindness Cards was created to create more of these life-changing moments, that the recipient will remember for a lifetime. Give a Love Bomb in person, or anonymously on a desk, in a purse, on a car windshield, etc. Give the gift of genuine kind words, and create a priceless lasting memory. 111 beautiful gold-embossed Love Bombs, including 5 blank cards so that you can create your own lasting memories.

Easily express your admiration, gratitude, appreciation, thanks, treasured memories, and hopes. Keep them in your car, purse, desk, make it a fun and character building family activity to find people who deserve a Love Bomb.

Makes a great family or classroom activity, as well as a tool for therapy & counseling for emotional healing, rehabilitation & recovery.

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